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Dental plus is your ideal choice because we believe that you are important

Who we are

Dental Plus strives to open a world of excellence in delivering total dental care. It is a contemporary Dental Care Centre, equipped with state of the art gadgets and has the backing of the professional expertise of experienced doctors and technicians. The centre offers comprehensive dental care to cover all the needs of the patients.

Dental Plus assures high quality routine and specialised dental services in a relaxed and comfortable ambience. All services are from a dedicated and progressive team and patients are accorded personal attention. For, at Dental Plus, we believe in building lasting relationships. The centre aims at long-term oral health for a healthy and smiling generation.


Our teeth and mouth are very important organs of our body. The teeth are essential or contributory to CHEWING, TALKING AND FACIAL APPEARANCE. An unhealthy tooth is usually a cause of mild to severe pain or worse. A common problem affecting teeth is TOOTH DECAY (Dental Caries). This happens when bacteria in plaque acts on the sticky foods especially sugary ones left over in the mouth to cause an acid attack which causes holes in the teeth. Teeth with decay should be filled as soon as discovered even when not painful or they may be lost or difficult to restore if treatment is delayed. GUM DISEASE is another common problem. Everyone has this to an extent at some point. The early symptoms include bleeding gums while brushing or at anytime, red and swollen gums. An easy way to prevent gum disease is regular tooth brushing and visits to the dentist for routine scaling and polishing.

Bonding/Tooth Coloured Fillings

At Dental Plus, repair of chipped, cracked and broken teeth is done in the most efficient manner. Also unsightly amalgam fillings can be replaced with virtually invisible white fillings. These are completely painless procedures and may be completed in just one visit.

Tooth whitening

If your teeth are discoloured or darkened, Dental Plus provides a simple and safe solution of whitening the same. Options exist of either Turbo bleaching within an hour or a home bleach system over a period of a few days.